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Dispute Resolution.

Dispute resolution in the Construction industry is uniquely challenging, as disputes are most often problems of a factually complex and technical nature. Arguably, the best Arbitrator, Adjudicator or Mediator for construction dispute resolution will have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, matters related to the contract, also the specifications and the means and methods of the work carried out. In short, an intimate understanding and appreciation of the construction process and the nuances of the parties’ arguments will save time and cost in any dispute resolution process.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recommended key qualities when appointing an Arbitrator, Adjudicator or Mediator:

 • Familiarity with the industry, construction contracts (and their interpretation) and cultural nuances

• Understanding of relevant law and/or main legal traditions

• Strong case management skills, proven experience in seeing how an international arbitration about a construction dispute is carried through from start and enough familiarity with computers to be able to handle case files that are stored and accessed electronically

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Paul’s whole career has been in the construction industry. Midway through his career as a contractor’s quantity surveyor, he transitioned to a Professional Quantity Surveying firm (PQS) and represented owners on various infrastructure projects. Later in his career, Paul drafted and negotiated contracts, investigated and prepared claims on behalf of contractors as well as owner companies and has been successful as advocate in various adjudication files. Paul has also assisted counsel in forensic investigation, drafting and quantum services in arbitration, mediation and litigation files worldwide. He now applies his 30+ years of construction industry experience to his role as third-party neutral.

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Dispute Resolution


If parties are unable to resolve a dispute between themselves, Arbitration is a process whereby the parties have mutually agreed that a third-party neutral will resolve the dispute for them.
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Adjudication is an adversarial process that allows Parties to present their dispute to an independent third Party for a decision.

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Mediation is a process whereby the parties choose a Mediator to assist them in resolving their dispute. However, the Mediator does not decide the dispute for the parties, it is up to them to find a solution.

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Expert Witness Services

What do Clients want from an Expert Witness?

What gives an Expert his status? First and foremost, Experts are outstanding communicators. They have a knack for explaining complicated topics in simple language. An Expert Witness also tends to have strong specialized expertise that makes them even more valuable to prospects.

Key factors clients associate with Experts:

  • Come highly recommended by friends and colleagues
  • Effective communicators with the ability to make complicated subjects easily
  • Understandable
  • Problem-solvers with a proven track record of success that is highly visible
  • Inspire confidence when they speak
  • Published in prestigious publications

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